Google’s New Nest Cam & Doorbell

Google has announced the next generation of their smart home security products, the Nest Cam and the Nest Doorbell. There are a variety of options including an indoor/outdoor battery-powered camera, a floodlight connected camera, a wired indoor camera, and a battery-powered doorbell. All of the new Nest products feature smarter alerts for important events, greater installation flexibility as they can be wired or battery-powered, and new designs and colorways to blend in with your home.

The new Google Nest Cam is a battery-powered indoor or outdoor security camera that can be installed just about anywhere. The device now features on-device processing for improved event detection and identifying people, animals, and vehicles. The Nest Cam is also IP54 weatherproof to withstand the elements. The camera itself has a 130° field of view and records 1080p video at up to 30fps. The camera also has a 24/7 live view, records up to 3 hours of event-based video history, and supports HDR and night vision for clear viewing. A Google Nest Aware subscription can also be purchased for expanded video history and increased security features. The Nest Cam comes in a Snow (White) color and can be pre-ordered now for $179.99 and is expected to ship August 24th.

The Google Nest Cam with Floodlight is essentially just the indoor/outdoor Nest Cam, but with 2400 lumen floodlights connected on each side of the camera and increased IP65 weather resistance. All of the other features will remain the same, except this model will require constant power as opposed to being battery-powered. The Google Nest Cam with Floodlight is coming soon and will be priced at $279.99.

The Google Nest Cam Indoor is the more affordable option in the Nest lineup. This model of the Nest Cam maintains many features of the more premium model but lacks the battery and weather resistance, hence the “Indoor” name. The Nest Cam Indoor comes in four different colors and is also coming soon according to Google for a price of $99.99.

Lastly, the Google Nest Doorbell is a battery-powered video doorbell that has a 3:4 aspect ratio and can record 960 x 1280px video at up to 30fps with a 145° field of view. The vertical orientation allows you to see visitors from head to toe and packages that have been left at your doorstep. The Nest Doorbell is available in four different colors and can be pre-ordered now for $179.99, with orders expecting to ship on August 24.

Ultimately, these seem like great additions to Google’s smart home security lineup of products and with the lowered prices, have made them more accessible and competitive.