My name is Justin Tse and I am an online content creator, entrepreneur, and student.  I am 25 years old and was born and raised on the small island of Victoria, British Columbia, located at the far west coast of Canada. I have an undying passion for work, travel, sports, streetwear, visual media, and connecting to like-minded ambitious individuals.  I also aspire to be one whom can live life in freedom by fully applying myself to something I truly enjoy every day.
Through a strong devotion to entrepreneurship and online content creation, I take pleasure in witnessing the rapid and incredible development in consumer technology, all while documenting my experiences via mainstream social media platforms.  As a millennial, it feels as if I have already witnessed so much progression in just a short lifetime, but the excitement comes with knowing that we have just barely scratched the surface of technological breakthroughs.
I live to push the limits of what one can achieve through hard work and perseverance on a daily basis.  Being an online content creator during a majority of my teenage years, I have realized that the advantages offered by the Internet are virtually limitless.  These events have allowed me to gain irreplaceable experience to aid in the growth as a producer, entrepreneur, and as a person; along with skills that I can carry with me for the rest of my life that reach far beyond producing videos for the Internet.
At age ten, I had indulged in an interest towards consumer technology and had diverted to a platform that was still in its infancy at the time, YouTube.  Being able to admire a product I had dreamed of through another person’s lens wherever they were located in the world was fascinating to me.  Through the inspiration of other content creators, I eventually decided to start creating videos of my own a few years later.  This life-changing decision gave me the instant satisfaction that at any given time, even if it was just one person, someone was allocating their time to watch a video that I had created.
Fast forward to today, it has been an incredible journey that would ideally need a novel to document, yet I am confident (and hopeful) that we are still on the first page.  I am sitting in a basement office that I had created and funded myself with all of the latest technology products.  This decade thus far has been filled with experiences such as being able to check out the hottest new gadget first, teaming up with brands I love, being flown to LA to witness a private jet unveiling, and back home to being interviewed by major Canadian news networks such as CBC, CTV, & Global News.  These undertakings would have seemed like a fantasy only a few years ago.  The reality that tens of millions of people have spent a cumulative time of over 100 years viewing my creations is still unfathomable and the opportunities that have arisen as a result of hard work and countless sacrifices are something that I couldn’t be more grateful for.