The Future of Apple’s Daily Drivers

Tech virtually is my lifestyle. Every day, I use my iPhone with MagSafe accessories, Apple car play, and more. So, I wanted to quickly run through some of my favorite rumors and leaks for every facet of the future of Apple’s Daily Drivers

iPhone 14 Pro

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Okay, I can’t sit here and lie, I thought I would be disappointed by the iPhone 14. I was wrong.

The newest features in Dynamic Island are amazing. It’s insane how the initial leaks for this phone seemed so underwhelming, but the simple utility Dynamic Island provides is enough to really win me over. We’ll always have the notch, but at least we can use it now.

Apple Watch

The future of the Apple Watch is healthy (which doesn’t bode well for how often I’ll use mine).

The latest watchOS 9 previews placed a big focus on its new designs for workout routines, medication reminders, and integrations with Apple Fitness +.

I’m pretty happy with this version of the future. Wearables compliment habit-building better than any other piece of technology, so Apple leaning into building healthier habits makes sense.

Even yesterday, the latest iterations of the Apple Watch were about finding new ways to use your watch in different sports of health-centered conversations.

watchOS 9 Information from Apple

M2, M3, M4ever

Rather than go into news or leaks for this one, I just want to share my thoughts on M2.

I think the MacBook Air M2 is probably the best laptop for any lifestyle. The M2 chip is powerful enough to get some prograde video or coding work done, efficient enough for an all-day battery, and small enough for the best form factor on any laptop.

It just works.

What’s even more interesting, though, is that Apple hasn’t discontinued the M1 Macbook Air yet.

This speaks to Apple’s new commitment to making their tech age more gracefully. I think the future of Apple computers will be exactly what we’re seeing now:

  • Quieter
  • Lighter
  • Faster
  • Longer lasting

Apple Glasses

Okay, if we’re going to talk about the future of lifestyle tech, we have to dig into some of Apple’s rumored moonshot projects.

According to Tom’s Guide, it seems like Apple is revving up to release a VR headset within the next two years. While that’s exciting, I think AR glasses will be the real inflection point for Apple’s entrance into the metaverse.

Conversations around what the glasses would do are nebulous, but Lenovo just announced AR glasses that act as an external display.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple sits back, watches what their competition does, and then executes better. Just like they did with iPhone, Apple Watch, and (potentially) the Apple Car.

Apple Car

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For years, we’ve seen rumors about Apple launching a luxury, self-driving car.

Cleo Abrams has an entire video on why the future of automated cars is likely going to move slower than most people think, but here’s what we’ve heard in rumors:

  • Supply chains for cars and phones differ. Apple has been in conversations with everyone from Hyundai to Foxconn to explore what building an electric car would look like
  • In 2017, Tim Cook said Apple was focusing on building “autonomous systems”
    • Earlier that year, Apple was seen testing self-driving cars
  • Leaks have suggested release dates between 2024 and 2028… so we honestly have no idea when (if) we’ll see Apple’s entrance to automotive.

Information from MacRumor’s Apple Car Roundup & 9to5Mac’s Apple Car “What We Know”

The future of cars is probably one of the most debated, but from what we can tell, Apple Car will be centered around the autonomous revolution.

What I know right now, though, is I’ll never drive without Apple CarPlay again.