Electric G-Wagen is Nigh

A Mercedes-Benz electric G-Wagen is expected to be available by mid-2024, according to its chairman Ola Källenius. An unsurprising move for a car manufacturer given the global push towards electric vehicles with California leading the United States by aiming for a 2035 electric vehicle mandate.
The conceptual design for an electric SUV was revealed in September 2021. However, the show car doesn’t offer many functional details about the vehicle.

We still don’t know the SUV’s range, battery size, or power output. Though it’s reasonable to expect the production version will have all-wheel drive.
Large electric trucks and SUVs are becoming a crowded space with successful launches by Ford, Rivian, and GMC. I’m perfectly fine with waiting on this. I don’t have an electric car that can off-road, but you already know I want one.

Even with few details available about the electric G-Wagen, I know I want it.