Canon Unveils The EOS R5C: A True Hybrid Camera?

Canon announced the EOS R5C today, a full frame mirrorless camera that acts as a hybrid, combining the capabilities of the EOS R5 with that of a Cinema EOS line camera.

On the outside, the EOS R5C closely resembles the normal R5, with the exception of the red shutter button and the active cooling system added to the back of the camera. The EOS R5C can start up in either photo or video mode, offering a different experience tailored for each use. The photo mode is nearly identical to the regular EOS R5, using the same 45MP CMOS sensor, dual pixel autofocus, and up to 12 frames-per-second of continuous shooting in mechanical mode, and 20 frames-per-second in electronic shutter mode. In video mode, the EOS R5C becomes a full fledged Cinema EOS camera, being able to record non-stop 8K/60p footage and high frame rate video up to 120p at 4K.

Furthermore, the EOS R5C is the first Canon camera to be able to record 8K/60p using Cinema Raw Light, and can record in both HLG and PQ formats, Canon Log 3, and features Canon’s next generation Multi-Function shoe mount. The only trade-off is the lack of in body stabilization on the EOS R5C.

The EOS R5C is intended to offer content creators the best of both worlds and be an all-in-one solution. The Canon EOS R5C is expected to be available in March of this year for a retail price of $4,499.