JMGO’s U2 Tri-Color 4K Laser Projector

The U2 is JMGO’s flagship laser TV featuring a tri-color laser and a 100-inch cinema experience. A laser projector such as the JMGO U2 has many advantages over traditional TVs including wider color gamuts, larger displays, more advanced sound systems, and can be very cost efficient.

Beginning with the design, the JMGO U2 features a sleek and minimal design made out of metal and finished with a silver exterior. The JMGO U2 is extremely simple to setup and is essentially plug and play. There are some tools to help you align your projector for the optimal image experience, but the projector is ready to use out of the box.

In terms of image quality, the projector can produce a 100-inch, 4K resolution image and utilizes a tri-color laser to provide a 114% BT.2020 colour gamut. The tri-color laser is able to produce much more accurate color representations and has many advantaged over OLED TVs and other laser projectors which only have a single color laser. The JMGO U2 also has HDR10 support and can reach a brightness of 2400 lumens or even 3600 lumens with an Ambient Light Reflection (ALR) screen. Overall, the 100-inch display creates an immersive cinema-like experience that can’t be replicated by a TV, and is perfect for a home theatre setup.

The audio system on the JMGO U2 is made in collaboration with DynAudio, and is made up of two 15W full range magnetic speakers and two 10W tweeters for an immersive acoustic experience. The 2400cc sound cavity allows for richness and separation in the audio, and overall the sound is able to fill the room quite nicely. The JMGO U2 is also both Dolby Audio and DTS HD certified.

The JMGO U2 has various smart features to enhance the viewing experience such as auto brightness, eye protection modes, and motion compensation. As laser projectors can get quite hot and loud during operation, the JMGO U2 also has smart temperature/heat controls. The five fans inside the project work hard to keep the projector cool and to keep the noise output under 28 dB.

On the inside, the JMGO U2 is powered by a MediaTek MT838 chipset and has 3GB of RAM, and 32GB of onboard storage for applications and such. For I/O, the JMGO U2 features Ethernet, optical, two USB ports, and two HDMI ports with one being HDMI eARC (Enhanced Audio Return Channel). In terms of software, the projector runs LunaOS, which is an Android based OS developed by JMGO. The UI is borderless and clean, and is designed to blend into your environment to be more immersive. The software is quite barebones however, so we recommend getting a streaming tool such as a Google Chromecast or Apple TV to complete the viewing experience.

Ultimately, the JMGO U2 packs a punch in terms of features and is able to compete head-to-head with many other laser projectors that cost a lot more. For $2099.00, the JMGO’s value is unmatched and is an amazing laser TV for anyone looking to upgrade their home theatre setup.