Dyson’s New V15 Detect

Dyson has just released their latest flagship vacuum, the V15 Detect. Newly equipped with laser technology, and with more than 370 engineers worldwide contributing to the production and creation of the vacuum, the V15 is one of the most powerful vacuums Dyson has ever created.

The V15 Detect is cordless vacuum cleaner that improves upon Dyson’s previous V11 line. The V15 utilizes a Class 1 Laser to illuminate and target microscopic dust particles that would be otherwise invisible to the human eye. The V15 also comes equipped with an acoustic piezo sensor, which is an 8mm gold disc that is able to count and identify the size of the dust particles it collects using sound. The V15 then intelligently adjusts its power consumption and suction power to accommodate the level of dust detected by the acoustic piezo sensor. The sensor gathers this information 15,000 times per second, and displays it on the vacuum’s built-in LCD screen.

The brand new V15 Detect provides 24% more suction power than the previous flagship V11 series. The hyperdymium motor has an RPM of up to 125,000 and can generate 230 Air Watts. The added suction power ensures that you are getting the most thorough deep clean in your household.

In regards to the design, it features the same 0.2-gallon canister as the V11 range, this is a popular size that is both adequate and compact enough for any home. The V15 Detect’s swappable batteries are built into the handle. Dyson claims the batteries can last for up to 60 minutes between charges, but that is dependant on the amount of dust, power level, and various other factors.

The Dyson V15 Detect also comes bundled with an array of accessories including a new and improved High Torque Cleaner, and an Anti-Tangle Hair Screw which is a conical brush designed to better pick up long hair and pet hair.

The Dyson V15 Detect is available to purchase now in the U.S and coming soon to the U.K and is priced at $699 USD, which we believe is quite reasonable given all the new technology and features packed into this flagship product.

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