Car Thing – Spotify

Spotify is coming out with a smart player to improve the experience of playing music while driving. It’s simply going to be named “Car Thing.” This device will interact with voice commands, as well as take commands via the dial on its screen. The display will give the user the ability to see what’s playing, your library, as well as results from voice search. If you don’t want to use voice control, the dial allows you to swipe to browse further, skip or tap to play.

The design includes a touchscreen, dial, back button, a settings/mute, as well as presets on top of the device. The body is durable, and it has matte-textured details made from rubber that make it tactile and easy to use. Its compact size and lightweight (96g) make it easy to attach to a vent and access it easily whenever needed.

Car Thing is reliant on a Premium subscription that brings on-demand and ad-free music listening. Currently, there is a promotion for subscribers in the United States. Spotify is offering free Car Things other than the price of shipping. This is a discount of approximately $79.99, as that’s the expected retail price of the device. Get yours by clicking on this link…