Fujifilm X100V: Top Compact Camera?

This is the fifth installment of the popular Fuji camera. Fuji certainly didn’t disappoint with this one as they made changes that were expected while also doing a whole lot more. It does come in at a price of about $1,400 making it an expensive option but with abilities that make it a bit more justifiable.

One of its best features is its compact figure. It can fit in a pocket and there is no interchangeability between lenses. Which can be frustrating for some, but also ensures an easy pack if its the proper camera for the job. The specs are also something to be excited about. The camera now had a 2-megapixel increase bringing it to a 26.1 MP APS-C Sensor with improved autofocus (117-area hybrid phase/contrast AF), faster processing speeds, and 4k video capabilities. The max burst of the camera is 11 FPS and it features an ISO of 160-12,800. The fixed lens is a 23mm f/2 lens which is equivalent to a 35mm. The camera is perfect for street photography. The specs and portability make it so easy for everyday photography and giving you the ability to get the perfect shot!

Another new addition that creates new possibilities for photographers is the new tilting touchscreen. For any angled shot where it’s inopportune to be at eye-level, this makes a world of difference. This makes it much much more effective to manage the settings of the camera when shooting from a lower perspective.

There are very few drawbacks when talking about this device and that’s why have it beats out so many other cameras it competes with. First, as mentioned before is its fixed lens which offers no variability. It limits the camera’s abilities but its still excellent at what it’s designed for. Secondly, it has no stabilization. This makes it very difficult to record seamless and still footage. So it’s best for capturing footage that only needs quick snippets or recording video that can feature some shakiness without consequence. Lastly, is the price. Many will not be able to justify spending the money on the product. But, if it’s used professionally or for people that take this certain style of photography seriously, it’s easy to overlook the cost.

Fujifilm has done incredibly well by improving upon their own models and listening to consumers. The megapixel increase, enhanced autofocus , video-capabilities, the new rotating touchscreen and of course its portability make the Fuji X100V a camera worth owning.