Apple’s Magic Keyboard

Apple released its brand new keyboard that coincides with the Apple iPad Pro. The Magic Keyboard is not cheap by any means but its specific design really compliments the device’s experience. Below the features of the product will be discussed, along with if its something that is is worth its price by providing value to the user.

This decision by Apple creates more opportunities for its users and allows for tablets to be used similarly to laptops. There are options for both the 11″ iPad Pro and the 12.9″ iPad Pro. The typing experience is extremely good and the trackpad is surprisingly smooth as well which are both quite basic desires for a keyboard user. Although, it’s easy to go wrong as Apple proved with the butterfly-switch keyboard they used for a few years. One thing that is missing is a functions bar above the numbers row. This means that it lacks an escape key, volume, as well as brightness controls. Some of the keys can be remapped but it creates unnecessary difficulty for the user. The key travel is very good, the keys are backlit and adjust themselves, and the trackpad is responsive and allows clicks from any part of the pad (rather than just the bottom or middle).

Magic Keyboard

Magic Keyboard

With a new floating cantilever design, iPad Pro attaches magnetically and allows you to smoothly adjust to the perfect viewing angle for you.

Magic Keyboard

The build of the keyboard is quite sturdy. It rests nicely on the lap, it is balanced and feels similar to a laptop. The screen can be adjusted to be closer to the face and it’s also incredibly easy to take the iPad from the keyboard once it’s open. There is a charger port on the keyboard that passes through and charges the device at a speed of 100% in 3 hours with the stock 18W charger (the same as without the keyboard). Except, unlike on an actual laptop the USB-C slot is not capable of data transfer. The battery drainage while using the keyboard is only slightly faster due to the backlit keyboard, but that is to be expected. The folded iPad and keyboard is thicker than the MacBook Pro and heavier than the MacBook Air. It fits in backpacks easily so it doesn’t hinder its portability whatsoever.

The Magic Keyboard is $299 for the 11″ iPad and it will cost $349 for the larger, 12.9″ option. This is more expensive than the cheapest iPad on the market but as shown above, it really can improve the experience while using the technology. The tablet experience is at the top of its class, but with so much power Apple is giving users the option to use it as a laptop. Like anything, this keyboard should be purchased if it’s going to be used constantly. The product is really good but without the function row and inability to multitask, it doesn’t exactly replicate the Macbook. The Magic Keyboard is really impressive and takes the iPad Pro to another level, it bridges the gap between Apple’s tablets and laptops but does not necessarily eliminate the need for most laptop users. But this substantial upgrade from the previous smart keyboards makes for a fun and smooth experience that can definitely enhance the iPad’s perceived uses.

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