Apple Confirms WWDC Details

WWDC 2020 has its date set for a while now and that is for June 22nd. Today, Apple provided additional details regarding the schedule of the Worldwide Developers Conference. People can now look forward to hearing from the keynote event speaker, as well the Platforms State of the Union, engineering sessions, new Developer Forums, 1-on-1 labs with more than 1,000 Apple engineers and possibly more. So once again, there is lots to look forward to. Although, will it operate as smoothly as it has in other years?

The new details were highly anticipated because the new, online format is unprecedented and led to a lot more questions from the interested parties. The pandemic forced the company to veer from the typical path and host this conference virtually.

But, that doesn’t mean that everything will change. Apple will still kick off the event with a Special Keynote. Which is going to begin at 10:00am PT or 1:00pm ET. Some of the sites that will broadcast the event include Apple’s website, applications such as Apple TV, and the Developer app, as well as YouTube. Meanwhile, the location of the event is at Apple’s headquarters, known as Apple Park. The building that looks similar to that of a spaceship is located in Cupertino, California. This means that all of the different aspects of the event will be filmed from their and will likely be pre-recorded, rather than being completely live.

The annual Platforms State of the Union address takes place following the Keynote and once again, it should be listed on the aforementioned applications and websites. Unfortunately, the typical one-on-one experiences for developers with Apple engineers at WWDC will not quite be able to operate the same as previous years. Instead, appointments will have to be made to replicate what has previously worked so well. During these appointments they can go over some of the latest updates to iOS, watchOS, macOS, and tvOS releases.

Some of the operating software that is likely to be introduced is iOS 14, watchOS 7, tvOS 14, iPadOS 14, and macOS 10.16. There might be one reveal that could steal the show and it is the ARM processor chip that would be proprietary technology. Currently, Apple uses Intel chips. But, with their advancements the ARM chip would be capable of greater power efficiency (battery-life), performance, as well as their decreasing the companies costs. Meaning, greater products for consumers, as well as greater margins for Apple. The unveiling of this technology would be a win for both the company and its consumers, Intel being the only loser in this situation.

WWDC 2020 should result in lots of new information that gives a greater look of the direction that Apple plans to move. The updates may be quite incremental but the event itself and the possibility of other new technology gives plenty to look forward to. The virtual conference begins at 10:00am PT on June 22nd, put it in your calendar if any of the above progressions in technology peak your interest.