2019 Travel Bag Essentials

Over the past 365 days, I have traveled extensively. Featuring flights all across the United States, Europe, and even Asia. Due to the demanding travel schedule, I have tried to learn to pack accordingly. Below is a list of the items I bring on essentially every trip that I am privileged to go on.

1) MacBook Pro

One thing I try to bring on all trips that require on the go editing is a laptop. I have bounced back and forth between the 13″ Macbook Pro as well as the 15″ Macbook Pro. The smaller laptop is very good for portability but can’t quite endure as much of a workload as my larger Pro model.

2) Mini SSD

I use the Ravpower Mini Solid State Drive. The one I use either features 512GB of storage or 1TB. It’s so compact and can carry so much data, that’s why it’s an easy choice for me to pack it almost everywhere I go. Most commonly I have project files or general backups stored on these drives.

3) Apple Airpods Pro

Since these have come out I have used these considerably more than the older model. The new noise-canceling ability makes these much more suitable for long, loud flights.

4) Bose QC35 II

This is my favourite set of BlueTooth over-ear headphones. They eliminate outside sounds extremely well and don’t have an annoying cord that gets tangled easily. You can really drown out unwanted noise by playing music or even just by putting them on will assist in silencing the surroundings.

5) iPad Pro

This piece of technology is something that I’m trying to utilize more and more each trip. The latest iPad has lots of the same abilities as some laptops. The smart keyboard and apple pencil also allow for greater productivity while using this device. It’s capable of lots of admin work and professional work too.

6) 40 W Wall Charger

It should be essential for any traveler to have a wall charger with many USB ports. It makes use of an outlet to create 3 additional ports. This creates charging for any laptops, tablets, phones or a smartwatch. My go-to is the Anker PowerPort.

7) iPhone 11 Max Pro

This is the best phone I can remember in recent history. The improved battery life and picture/video capability on this device make it incredible for everyday use as well as for any long travel day.

8) Jason Markk Quick Wipes

If you want to keep your shoes looking fresh, my favorite product is the Jason Markk quick wipes. They come in small packages that are able to wipe away tough stains in a short amount of time.

9) Toiletry Bag

Everyone needs a good quality toiletry bag that is going to last. For me, it’s the Dangerfield Wash Bag that has a pebble grain texture. It has two compartments and can fit any travel-sized items or hygiene items that are necessary.

10) Travel Size Shampoo & Conditioner

With strict restrictions for liquids on planes its important to have some travel-sized shower products and contact solution if needed. Hotels usually provide some small bottles but its good to have extra in case you are in an Airbnb. I shipped a ton of complimentary Aesop bottles from a nice hotel and have used them since.

11) TSA Pre-Check

A Nexus pass is a game-changer for anyone who travels constantly. It costs somewhere between $50-$100 and an interview is needed to obtain a card. But, in the long run, it saves lots of time as you are able to bypass lines and have less stressful encounters at the airport.

12) American Express

Credit cards can accumulate a lot of points and offer other benefits. AMEX offers one of the greatest returns for points and can also provide access to lounges in many airports. It even can pay for your Nexus application. So choosing a good credit card can really enhance travel or even benefit you in ways you wouldn’t expect.