The Samsung Freestyle: A Portable Projector

Perhaps one of the more exciting announcements from this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was Samsung’s portable projector, the Freestyle. The Samsung Freestyle is a compact cylinder shaped 1080p projector that is capable of projecting up to 100 inches.

The Samsung Freestyle sits upon a 180-degree cradle stand and is quite light at just 1.8 pounds. The swivel stand allows you to project high-quality video on your floor, wall, ceiling, table — virtually anywhere. Regardless of its compact form factor, the Freestyle is packed with features including auto-focus, auto-level, and auto-keystone capabilities. However, the Freestyle is only rated for 550 lumens, Apart from being a projector, the Freestyle has a 360-degree 5W speaker and a far-field mic array for hands-free voice control. The ambient mode and translucent lens cap for the Freestyle can also be utilized to create mood lighting.

Similar to Samsung’s Smart TVs, the Freestyle operates on their Tizen software so you’ll have all your favorite streaming services, and the same mirroring and casting options. A variety of accessories will also be available for the Freestyle, including a waterproof case, battery pack, and a base that will enable the Freestyle to be screwed into a standard lightbulb socket.

Aimed towards Gen Z and millennials, the Freestyle offers a versatile and compact option for those looking to project high-quality video anywhere they want. The Samsung Freestyle portable projector is available for preorder now in the United States and starts at $899.