RED’s New Flagship V-RAPTOR Cinema Camera

RED recently unveiled their newest flagship cinema camera, the V-Raptor ST 8K VV. The V-Raptor is the most advanced camera RED has ever created, and is the first of the new DSMC3 generation of cameras. The RED V-Raptor ST 8K VV features a new 35.4MP full frame CMOS sensor that has up to 17 stops of dynamic range and can shoot 8K120 17:9, 6K198 S35, 4K240 17:9, or even 600fps at 2K.

Furthermore, the RED V-Raptor now has an integrated RF mount for Canon RF lenses and is also compatible with other lens mounts such as EF and PL through third party adapters. The V-Raptor records to CFExpress 2.0 Type B cards and has max data rates of up to 800 MB/s. In terms of I/O, the camera has two 4K 12G-SDI outputs, 9-pin EXT port, USB-C, Pogo, and XLR. The camera itself is made out of aluminum alloy and weighs just over 4 pounds. The RED V-Raptor also has improved heat management two intake ports, a top vent, and a 60mm fan to keep the camera cool during operation.

The new RED V-Raptor ST 8K VV is coming soon and will retail at a price of $24,500 for just the body, or $29,250 for the starter pack which includes a variety of accessories including a LCD screen, CFExpress card and card reader, batteries, grips and more.