Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset – Future Tech

New information has surfaced about Apple’s Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality headsets. This concept is over a year away from any possible release, but predictions are already circulating, and some of the specs seem pretty exciting.

For starters, the rumors suggest that the headsets will be capable of both, AR and VR experiences. The Augmented Reality is predicted to use Sony’s Micro-OLED display and several optical modules. Essentially, this creates an interactive experience where the real-world is being seen but is also enhanced by computer-generated information. Meanwhile, Virtual Reality is completely closed off from the real-world and provides great possibilities for gaming and more. This is all thanks to the 15 camera modules featured within the headset. Eight of the modules are suited for AR, six of them for “innovative biometrics,” according to, and one for environmental detection.

The headset will be portable, however, not the most convenient to bring around everywhere. Although, that depends on the casing that Apple will provide. If it’s anything like the AirPod Pro Max case, you won’t want to bring the headset anywhere outside of your house. Supposedly , the headsets will be lighter than any other competitor product on the market, as they will weigh 200-300 grams and could be even less by the time they’re released, 100-200 grams. Other features include not one, but two ultra-high-resolution 8K displays, and advanced eye-tracking technology. This will make the experience extremely realistic and will provide some of the best visuals ever for any gaming device or headset.

Apple always gets a lot of attention when they create new products or enter new industries, similar to when they suggested they plan on making their own vehicles. The mixed reality headset is definitely more of a niche product, but it will still get some excitement especially as it gets closer to its release in 2022. Realistically, these headsets will cost about $1,000 and that is due to the technology used in the devices. Over time, the technology will only improve and likely get cheaper. Supposedly glasses versions could come a few years later, and contacts aren’t out of the realm of possibilities either but that would be decades away. For the time being, we can just get excited over the little updates and new leaks and rumors the analysts are able to provide.