Microsoft Surface Duo: Pre-order Now

The Microsoft Surface Duo is a completely unique phone that is different from any other Android device that has been released. Since its different than many other phones on the market, Microsoft was sure to discuss the product during a virtual briefing. The briefing included demos along with other interesting discussions regarding the design and thinking behind the Surface Duo. The following will show what we do know about Microsoft’s tech marvel that will come at a cost.

Let’s begin with the price. The Surface Duo will cost $1,399 and is being launched in the United States. Unlocked versions are able to partner with either AT&T, Verizon, or T-Mobile. Customers are able to pre-purchase the device as early as right now, yet the in-store and online stock won’t be in until September 10th. This is exciting news for consumers as the phone can be in their hands in just less than a month after hearing the highly anticipated announcement.

The devices operating system is capable of Android 10. But the display is what has drawn attention, and its a pair of 5.6-inch AMOLED (1800×1350) screens. When it comes to the central processing unit, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 is used. Other internals includes 6 gigabytes of RAM and either 128GB of storage but is upgradeable to 256GB. The battery should be pretty reliable as its a 3,577 mAh battery. Although, with the dual-display, it will cause the battery to drain a little faster than most smart-phones would. The device itself weighs 250 grams, and for comparison that is just 25 grams more than iPhone’s 11 Pro Max. In regards to the camera, it won’t be anything breathtaking. It’s a singular 11MP (ƒ/2.0) lens and the camera will have numerous modes like low light, HDR multi-frame captures, and a 7x zoom ability. The video performance is capable of 4K and 1080p at both 30 and 60 frames per second, which is a great addition.

As a phone, the Microsoft Surface Duo features some pretty impressive specs. It will be interesting to how it performs once it’s available for a hands-on review. Hopefully, it can justify the price tag it has been given. Although, in comparison to other folding phones, it’s only $50 more than the Galaxy Z Flip, while being about $580 cheaper than the Galaxy Fold. Stay tuned for updates about this unique phone made by Microsoft