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MacBook Air VS The iPad Pro – a Comparison

Many students have to make a decision between a tablet and a laptop while going through their education.  This brings us to a comparison between the newest MacBook Air and the iPad Pro.  Both of these are really good devices that have been reviewed already, but they also have different strengths so one can be better than the other in many different situations.  Hopefully, this makes the decision easier for those who are comparing the two.

The MacBook Air impresses with their different options of processors and their faster 3,733MHz LPDDR4X RAM.  The higher base storage option of 256GB is beneficial to all users as well.  The display is a 13.3″ 2560×1600 Pixel True Tone display which certainly gets the job done.  Lastly, the addition of the scissor-switch keyboard also ties together the experience nicely.

The iPad is once again a very effective device.  There is an 8 core CPU and the 8th Core of GPU was enabled from the 2018 iPad Pro models chipset.  So, the iPad’s productivity is very capable, and the graphics have increased as well.  Just like the MacBook Air, the iPad has seen its base storage double, but from 64GB to 128GB.  Additionally, the RAM is 6GB on all models.  The biggest change this year came to their Camera System.  The set-up includes a 12MP at f/1.8 lens, a 10MP f/2.4 Ultrawide lens, and LiDAR.  LiDAR is a technology that enhances the accuracy of depth.  This system that uses lasers to bounce off objects and detect depth is great for augmented reality.  The display and Apple Pencil experience are extremely smooth which makes the device easy to recommend.

The starting price of the iPad Pro is $749 and it’s $899 for the 12.9” display.  If those who purchase the iPad Pro decide to spend the $300-$350 on the magic keyboard it can be more of a laptop experience.  The Apple Pencil is another expensive add-on as well.  The MacBook Air is $899, and the next spec is $1,199.  The comparison of costs isn’t far off enough to choose strictly based on price.  Especially since the iPad has so many more additional costs where I believe the costs could end up very similar.  Battery life will be quite similar between the devices as well.  Around 10-11 hours seems to be the average that they can get with the MacBook lasting a little bit longer.

The MacBook Air is the machine that is useful for the common consumer that needs a portable device.  All the features it boasts are useful and create a nice experience for users.  The MacBook Air is the better choice for students in most faculties as well, this could include Commerce, English, Computer Science and more.  Meanwhile, the iPad is a professional device, but it is more focused on creatives that can utilize the touch screen and put the LiDAR sensor to use.  The iPad Pro is the better choice for those aiming to earn arts degrees, or who want to take handwritten digital notes in school.  Also, professionals with a job in interior design that use the device for its new features such as the camera.

Essentially, you can’t go wrong with either of the devices.  They are both quite powerful and productive and should be able to last a pretty long time.  The MacBook will be used for all its features for the average consumer more so when compared to the iPad, which has features aimed more for a specific audience.  Hopefully, this comparison sheds light on the two devices and allows for more informed decisions to be made while making purchases.