Bang & Olufsen Releases An 8k OLED TV

The popular Danish consumer electronics manufacturer has released a new television. After completing plenty of research and development, the Beovision Harmony TV is extremely advanced and quite expensive as well, to say the least. The company is most famous for its luxury audio products such as speakers, as well as television sets, and telephones. The new TV will impress with its enormous size of 88″ and impeccable detail of 8k resolution.

Some of the features will optimize the experience at a level that hasn’t been seen before. Due to artificial intelligence each program that is being watched by the user is enhanced whether it’s sports, documentaries, movies and more. This creates an immersive experience on an OLED screen that is provided by LG, which is the largest that they have ever built.

It comes as no surprise that the Bang & Olufsen TV provides an audio experience one can marvel over. Unfortunately, the TV isn’t equipped with its own brands’ speaker system, which would cost an additional few thousand dollars. The television is certainly compatible to be connected if you do have the Bang & Olufsen speakers though. What the Beovision Harmony TV does come equipped with is a three-channel sound system as well as a dual subwoofer that is built-in to the device. The audio is impressive for a set-up that comes pre-installed.

The 88″ screen spans 2 meters wide and the incredible amount of detail will make it feel as if all the events that are displayed on the TV are happening right in front of you. The aesthetic of the set is also very attractive, customizable options of the appearance include finishes such as natural oakwood, charcoal fabric, smoked oat, or walnut. These panels automatically rest beneath the TV once it is turned on mimicking a TV stand. While the TV is off, the panels fold up themselves to become a cover.

All of this can be yours for a price of $49,000 USD. Yes, you read that correctly. This unique experience of watching your favorite programs on the world’s first 8K OLED TV will not come at a cheap price. The television will be available on the Bang & Olufsen website closer to the end of June 2020. Hopefully in another month reviews will begin to surface of this cool new product. In the meantime, the site currently displays all their other luxury technology such as the speakers or headphones if that piques your interest.