Pharrell’s Adidas Collection – Spring 2020

Pharrell has dropped a lineup of 8 shoes in this collection. The 8 different styles include the Solar Hu, Stan Smith, Nizza Hi, SC Premiere, Continental 80, Campus, Crazy BYW 2.0, and the new 0 to 60 STMT. Primarily, the shoes are cream coloured with a flash of colour in the laces. Although, the 0 to 60 STMT, Crazy BYW 2.0, and the Solar Hu’s come in crazy, vibrant colours.

This collection of shoes also comes in at a very reasonable price. They range between $100 and $200. The more classic, less vibrant pair cost closer to the $100 mark. Meanwhile, the new 0 to 60 STMT is right at the $200 price point.

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