Nike’s New Manga Collection

The new T-shirt collection features a nice combination of mostly neutral colours while still having bright graphics and logos on the chest. The colours of the T-shirts include light grey, navy blue, white, and black. The classic Nike swoosh is paired with Japanese culture and manga, which is a comic genre.

The manga blends the branding within text boxes, action bubbles, and affects you’d normally see in comic books. Which creates a playful rendition of the T-shirts that Nike usually releases. The colourful graphics including orange, pink, teal, red and more which will all add a nice flair to the plain T-shirts. Designs include exploding shoe boxes, and bubbles with popular phrasing such as “Just Do It” and “Swoosh” within them. The graphics aren’t limited to the chest either, some feature small emblems over the heart with the majority of the design being on the backside of the T-shirt.

This collection will be available for purchase on April 10th. The price is about $28 USD and can be ordered from Atmos’ website online. Don’t miss the drop if you are interested in this brand new streetwear.

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