Michael Jordan’s Chicago Home For Sale – Still ?!

The estate of Michael Jordan is listed for sale at an astronomical figure. Although, it has already seen a massive reduction in price and has been on the market since 2012. Many of you may have already seen the tour of the mansion as there was a viral YouTube video of it 6 years ago that gathered 16,000,0000 views. The property is over 55,000 square feet and comes fully furnished and it even comes with every pair of Air Jordans ever made. But why isn’t it selling?

The home has numerous nods to its owner, some being more obvious than others. One of which is the large “23” on the gate at the entrance of the property. Additionally, there are Air Jordan (Jumpman) logo’s that are featured throughout the acreage. The land was originally purchased by Jordan in 1991 and the construction was ongoing for 4 years until its completion in 1995. Since the docu-series based on Michael Jordan and the final year of the Bulls dynasty, “The Last Dance” was put on Netflix, MJs name has been thrown about more often, which brought attention to his old estate for sale.

Back when it was originally put for sale, the price tag was set at $29 million US dollars. Now, it is listed at $14.9 million. After a price reduction of almost 50%, a buyer still hasn’t stepped up to buy the huge, historic property. Within the home, there are 9 bedrooms, 15 full bathrooms, 14 half-bathrooms, and a garage that can fit up to 14 cars. The number of bathrooms compared to the number of bedrooms seems unnecessary, but maybe MJ has a small bladder. Other rooms within the mansion include a full-sized basketball court, game room, wine cellar, fitness room, and of course, a cigar room. The outside of the estate is just as overkill. It has a forest preserve, infinity pool, a fish pond, and a putting green. So who wouldn’t want a home like this?

At a price of $15 million dollars, a purchaser would likely want to keep it exactly as is and live in it themselves or try and preserve this estate like a monument since Jordan is considered to be the G.O.A.T by some. But, for anyone who has that much money, it’s more likely that they want to have their own custom home. Chicago may not be ideal for some people, and the breakdown of rooms may not be a resourceful use of space. So look for an extremely wealthy Jordan fan to end up making the purchase, because $15 million isn’t a good price to pay if you plan to renovate.

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