‘ERODED 911 TURBO’ by Daniel Arsham

This isn’t the first time Daniel Arsham has chosen Porsche or decided to create art that showcases their vehicles. Previously he completed a two year project on an 1986 911 Turbo, by the end of it he had a street-ready Porsche that had his artistic flair on the exterior.

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After two years of research, development and production, my second @porsche project is complete, the Arsham Porsche 911 Turbo, 930A. The 930A pulls from Porsche’s own illustrious racing history, combined with the language and ideology of my own studio. The 930A was completely rebuilt using an original ‘86 911 Turbo (930) donor car. Every aspect of the car was customized. The hand painted livery exterior by @deathspray is heavily influenced by the 1980 935 K3 sponsored by Apple Computers. The rims were produced by @mattcrooke of @fifteen52 exclusively for the 930A.  Milled from scratch, the modified Fuchs shape was altered in depth and contains a crosshatching Arsham Studio monogram, referencing the legendary magnesium alloy rims of the ‘74 RSR. The interior is dressed in two tones of @objectsforliving heavyweight stonewashed canvas and rich Porsche spec Italian leather. The upholstery is set off by the bespoke leather Porsche-Arsham Steering wheel and Aluminum Turbo Door sills. The custom hand painted gauges in the dash reference a design Porsche created only for Japanese delivered 930’s, all filtered though the Arsham Studio design Dept. The turbocharged engine and transmission were taken out and completely rebuilt. Aside from increasing the bore size on the pistons and powder coating select parts in Arsham Studio green, the 930A engine was expertly restored to factory settings. There are many more stories and details to share about the 930A which I will be getting into this week!

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Now, instead of fully remodelling a car and making it ready to drive, he will now release an ERODED 911 TURBO which is going to be a sculpture. The pieces of art will be 12.2″ long and weighs in just below 7 pounds. There are 500 pieces and will even have Arshams holographic label. This verifies the legitimacy of the product and which edition of 500 it is.

Below you can see what the project will look like, the attention to detail, materials and presentation make for a pretty crazy piece of art. The editions will be released at 9am PST on September 25th.

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