COVID-19: Brands Begin to take Action

Since the Coronavirus has essentially put the world at a standstill, companies and people have been stepping forward to help out as much as they can during this pandemic. This might include people with monetary resources or companies that have access to materials or production plants that could assist in providing sanitary products and protective equipment.

Companies including Lamborghini, Louis Vuitton, Nike, H&M, Zara are all doing their part to help fight the battle against COVID-19. All these companies and many more have offered to utilize their production facilities to make masks that can benefit medical professionals, patients, and people running their necessary errands. This action is crucial due to a shortage of the product. Unfortunately, the special material necessary for healthcare workers isn’t something that was previously supplied to all these brands. The material must allow air to pass through while filtering out the dangerous or dirty particles. The regular cloth that most companies have access to offer barely an improvement to no mask at all. In fact, 97% of particles can get through cloth masks and only 44% can penetrate medical masks. Therefore, most of the equipment provided by these brands will likely be used for day to day use by citizens running errands rather than medical professionals.

This pandemic has really exposed health systems as most countries have been very unprepared. The shortages of commonly used items like masks paired with the fact that the materials aren’t on standby for production is a large cause for concern. Originally, countries like Canada sent care packages to China with masks, ventilators, and other protective gear to help aid the growth of the virus. But now, China is the one assisting the rest of the world that couldn’t get ahead of the curve.

Brands aren’t only using their resources to assist in producing personal protective equipment. Many initiatives have started where companies cut into their margins by donating a percentage of their profits from online sales. Discount codes for consumers are common for online purchases but now many brands donate a percentage of the proceeds from the sale to a deserving cause that fights the pandemic. These initiatives give consumers more reason to support companies that have been forced to use their online platforms while also providing relief to the global pandemic. Other brands such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft have been able to provide millions of dollars to small businesses, healthcare, media, and other relief efforts. These big tech companies have an incredible amount of resources and influence and having them lead the way is crucial in times like this.

Many industries coming together to try and improve the conditions of humanity is very encouraging. The retooling and alterations in production by all these clothing, automotive and other companies are making a difference. As well as the actions of companies with large cash flow, by giving numerous sectors the resources they need to research or fight against the virus that has affected the economy in countless ways. The constant effort to become more prepared in case the pandemic continues to grow is important and it seems like brands are doing their part and helping where they can.

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